MySpace Codes

So lets go over what we have! First, we have MySpace Codes hence the "codes" in our domain name. Codes for MySpace, Codes for Xanga, Codes for Hi5 and Codes for Friendster. How to hide stuff on your profiles, how to move stuff and delete stuff, all that! The come the graphics! Not only MySpace Graphics but other social network site graphics too! When I say graphics, I mean extended network banners, maybe even some contact tables! We cant forget the MySpace Layouts though nor can we forget the Backgrounds for MySpace and Friendster. Then come our generators! Making things easier for you basically. Save you time and make your life easier. MySpace Generators are what we offer the most though at this time, from making your own layouts, to making your own contact tables and backgrounds for your profiles. Pretty basic stuff really, it's definetly worth a try. Oops, almost forgot to mention the glitters! Tons of glitters! I've seen it on a lot of girly profiles, but trust me, boys love the glitter too, they're just afraid to admit it. You can use our glitter graphic dolls or glitter words on MySpace, Xanga, Hi5 and Friendster. There is no limit really! Get going, and if you have any questions feel free to join the MySpace Support Forum!

Profile Codes  
Center Your profile Center your profile with this code
Hide "About Me" Use this code to hide your "About Me" section
Hide Extended Network This code will hide your "Extended Network" bar
Hide Contact Box Use this code to hide your Contact Box
New Hide Comments Use this code to hide your Comments
Hide Details Section Use this code to hide your details
Hide Friends Use this code to hide your friends
Hide General Information Use this code to hide your general informations
Hide Last Login Use this code to hide the line where it says "Last Login"
Hide Search Form Use this code to hide the search form on your profile
Hide URL Box Use this code to hide the URL box
Scrolling Friends and Comments Use this code to put your Friends and Comments in a scrolling box, cool effect
Table Switch Sides Switch the sides of the left/right tables on your page.
Text and Links Codes  
Hover Link : Sparkles Sparkles animation will play when you hover on a link, click in to check it out
Lower Case Links This code will make all your links lower case
Remove "Add Comment" Link This code will remove the "Add Comment" link, in order for your friends to leave a comment after using this code, you can make a custom comment box HERE
Special Characters A chart of codes for special characters, use it to make your name cooler!
Image Codes  
Resize Comment Images Sick of large size comment pictures messing up your profile? Don't delete it, Resize it!
Custom Myspace Page What did you expect!? More codes.